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9/15/2010 - Testing version started.

About us
Welcome to cookrecipesbook.com - a page dedicated to cooking. Our website is a growing database of recipes from all over the world and from different cultures. It gives you the opportunity to browse for recipes, search recipes and insert your own recipes. You can even create your very own cookbook, which you can display on your own site.

The advantage of our page (in comparison to other culinary web sites) is the systematic catalogization of recipes. The recipe is assembled in several systematic steps and then stored in our database. You can perform various searches and filtering - including search by ingredients, or viewing recipes entered in another language.

Points of interest:
Home: This page contains several information windows - with news, updates, and favorite recipes. You can choose from the 50 most popular and 50 last entered recipes. You will also find here a tag cloud - click on a keyword to go to view all recipes characterized by this keyword.

Browse recipes: tab "Browse Recipes" allows you to browse all the recipes entered. There are several options for you to filter and sort the recipes displayed. They can be viewed either as single line or one-by-one.

Entering your own recipes: you can enter your own recipe in the "Add recipe" tab. Entering a recipe is a process divided into several systematic steps, through which you'll be guided by our help.

Search by ingredient: This feature gives you an unique opportunity to choose from recipes that correspond to the raw ingredients that you have available. Simply fill in the quantity of ingredients in your refrigerator and you will be immediately provided with a list of recipes you can cook. If you want to search by ingredients, click on the tab "Search -> Search by ingredient".

My Cookbook: your cookbook is accessible in tab "My Recipes". Whenever you find a recipe that you like, you can include it in your cookbook with just a single click. Recipes you've created appear automatically in your cookbook. You can also present your cookbook on your own site. Details about this option can be found in "Contact Us" tab.
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